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The Real Estate Interests team brings decades of experience managing high profile real estate deals and developments for investors, major corporations and government entities. REI provides specialized consulting services designed to help guide our clients through major changes and complex deals, particularly for organizations looking to make significant changes to their operations or shift their market goals, strategy, assets and property.

We serve as the key real estate advisor for critical decisions affecting real estate operations and investment.

Real Estate Interests is a certified minority-owned business that mitigates risk and has the capability of handling any aspect of real estate activities including site selection, mergers and acquisitions, leasing, dispositions, sales/leasebacks, integrated facility management, property management, occupancy analysis, dynamic risk hedging and portfolio strategy and administration.

As a specialty real estate consultancy, Real Estate Interests is comprised of a team of experts helping clients manage complex deals or changes within their company and market. Initially a collaboration between two experienced commercial real estate investors—Emery Matthews and Stan Edwards—Real Estate Interests has always reached beyond Michigan into numerous regions across the North America and has its sights set on expanding its platform overseas, particularly in rapidly developing Sub-Sahara African nations such as Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa.

Although the fast emerging African continent is largely ignored by many big American real estate players, Real Estate Interests sees the potential for transformational investment in the coming years. By identifying such critical factors as increasingly stable governments, a young and rapidly growing population, leaps in technology and the right combination of supply and demand for fast-moving consumer goods, the Real Estate Interests team sees boundless opportunities for expansion. With this global vision in play, clients know that their interests will benefit from an international scope.

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